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Learn More About Water Massage Beds

One class of personal sauna is the "water massage bed" or table.  These automatic massaging tables are now being transformed into the spa capsule design to save space and to save overhead by eliminating the need to schedule and pay a therapist. The most popular of the water massage group found in salons and day spas around the USA today is the Hydro Massage shown belowthis aqua massage profiler is for sale left.

HydroMassage has produced several series, including the 200, 300, 350, and now 500, which have progressively more computer features and ability to super-heat the water...which is critical to therapeutic value.  The AquaMassage guys deliver their water pressure from the top and have recently stream-lined their look as you can see below center and right. 

These tables cost from $8,000 to $24,000 new and can now be bought used and refurbished for around $5,000 to $12,000, depending on the model.  Please call   800-667-9189 to check our current inventory or email us here to be placed on a waiting list for the next available refurbished water massage table.

Hydro Massage

Aqua Massage

Aqua Massage Profiler 

 hydromassage water massage table for sale  
used aqua massage table for sale
 aqua massage spa capsule for sale

The water massage table pictured above is called the HydroMassage 350 series and is the latest and greatest of the "from the bottom" type of water flow.  A person may lay on this unit fully clothed and not feel confined or claustrophobic.


The device shown above is a AquaMassage table which has the water pressure from the top as the customer lays on their stomach.  The two water pressure delivery methods between the Aqua and Hydro are simply a personal preference and many customers are split on their choices. 

The water massage capsule pictured here is the AquaMassage Spa Profiler model which is an updated version of the model to the left.  Reduced in size and fit into the more traditional "egg" shape of the Spa Jets and others, this unit also delivers the water pressure from the top as you lay on your stomach.

 this planet beach water massage table is for sale
 this aqua massage table is for sale too  view of aqua massage open
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