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What are Spa Capsules?

Spa Capsules are egg-shaped personal saunas which performwhat are spa capsules? answered here certain spa-type functions like massage, infrared heat, aroma therapy, red light therapy and full-body steam exfoliation without the need of an attendant. Pictured on this page are the most popular spa capsule style personal saunas sold in the past ten years in the USA.  These models include the Alpha Massage, Hydration Station, Sybaritic Spa Jet 2G and Slimline Oxy Pod Deluxe

All of these capsule style saunas are designed to "moisturize" your skin and to help to "exfoliate" while providing other collateral benefits.  These other features and benefits include red light therapy, aroma therapy, and massaging or vibrating pads.  This author has personally witnessed the user's skin "shine" and glow after a session in a Hydration Station Feng Shui model in a local salon. 

Most newer models have an interactive touch screen to control stereo volume, heat level, and cooling fan level, plus a CD/DVD option to watch soothing videos during the session.  Our company sells refurbished Hydration Stations here starting at $4,995. Our company buys and sells used Planet Beach equipment you can find listed here and used water massage tables here

The more costly personal sauna spa capsules, like the SlimLine Oxy Pod Deluxe pictured here, also feature a bank of red LED therapy lights for a full and natural collagenslimline oxy pod deluxe spa capsule treatment of the neck and facial area during a session.  Keep in mind, it has been proven the only way to stimulate collagen in human skin is with red light lamps emitting a frequency of between 600 and 700 nano-meters. 

When using a Lumiere red LED or similar device for 20 minutes per session, 2-3 sessions per week, you are undergoing an all-natural, non-invasive, surgery-free face lift (and your friends will be able to see the difference, guaranteed).  Brand new models are priced from $18k to $24k, but you can find used and refurbished spa capsules from $5k to $9k by clicking here. Please click on a photo to enlarge or link for more information, then call   800-667-9189 or email us here with more questions. 

Not all egg-type spa capsules are personal saunas!  You may also see a water-massage-style spa capsule like the Spa Capsule model pictured here.  With this type of massage bed, the client lays spa capsule water massageon their stomach and the water jets down from the top with heavy pressure.  This type of water massage spa capsule does not offer the other collateral services, like red light therapy, aroma therapy, or exfoliation like the Hydration Station will give you but it does offer a water massage option for a tight space. 

Most salon owners prefer to offer their clients both the water massage option, usually with the Hydro Massage models, and the Hydration Station services to complete their "attendant-free" spa options.  When you compliment your existing UV tanning business, with a sunless spray tanning booth and these spa capsules, you are expanding your business model to maximizes square footage with the fewest man hours required.