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Personal Sauna Reviews

Please read our personal sauna reviews before buying a dry, wet or infrared sauna.  These egg-type "capsules" can perform a multitude of functions, including: water massage, infrared heat, photo light therapy, aromatherapy, and complete body exfoliation.  Before making a personal sauna purchase, it will be important for you to prioritize which functions are most important to you or your clients.

Old-school steam saunas, like the 2-4 person model pictured here, have evolved from the "steam room" at the gym or health club to more "personal saunas" likepersonal sauna reviews can be found here this particular style.  These type of steam saunas are typically made of cedar or teak wood, which does not absorb water or moisture, and mostly contain heated coals to create steam.  Newer models, like the one shown here, also have "infrared heaters" which provide a different type of thermal heat for a variety of health benefits. 

Computer controlled thermostats, stereo systems, and cooling fans have also been integrated into these infrared saunas.  More recent models may also contain a bank of red light therapy bulbs, which make your skin cells split at the molecular level, naturally producing collagen, which fills in fine lines and wrinkles.  These saunas usually cost about $2k to $6k, depending on size, and are mostly made in China and assembled at your salon or home. 

This author must warn you however, most younger clients are rejecting these old-school-steam-room look for the more space-age looking, egg-type spa capsules for radiant heat and full body exfoliation. 

New spa capsule-type devices have emerged like the Hydration Station model pictured here.   Over the past 10 years this device has become the favorite of high-end day spas and tanning salons looking to offer a clients a full-body exfoliation and body moisturizing service without paying a technician.  Tanning salon owners are learning that clients are spending less money on tanning beds and gravitating more to the collateral services which provide "healthy" benefits, such as sunless sphydration station reviewsray tanning, red light therapy, water massage beds and spa capsules like the Hydration Station model pictured here. 

The Hydration Station prepares the clients skin for an upcoming event, which includes uv tanning, sunless spray tanning, or even chemotherapy.  The concept here is that when your skin is going to be treated or conditioned, you should ensure your skin has been exfoliated, moisturized and has the proper pH to gain maximum benefits of the session. 

Features of the Hydration Station include radiant heat, dense steam, vibratory massage bed, aroma/liquid vitamin therapy, stereo ready and a handy color LCD control panel.  We highly recommend these Hydration Stations for high-end day spas and tan spas and we offer professionally refurbished models for sale here.